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Pastor Jeff Deming


Welcome to Upper Columbia Academy!

Welcome to the UCA Faculty and Staff web pages. We have a wonderful group of dedicated individuals working together to benefit the students on our campus. From our teachers to our taskforce volunteer workers, everyone’s goal is to draw our students closer to Jesus Christ while obtaining a top-notch, well-rounded education.

Please take a few moments and peruse our staff pages. If you click on their picture, you will find their contact information along with a short bio about them. Feel free to contact me or any one of them, if you have questions about your student or are looking to have a student join us.

We are always excited to have students join our UCA family.

Enjoy your time on our website and be sure to contact us if we can further assist you.

Keep looking uP!
Pastor Jeff Deming

Donivan Andregg

Admissions and Recruiting Director
Science Teacher

Charles Hartman

Vice Principal for Academics
Science & Math Teacher

Joe Hess

Vice Principal for Student Life
Head Dean of Men

Pamela Lersbak

Vice Principal for Finance
Math Teacher

Mark Abrio

Volunteer Dean of Men

Sheila Allison

Bakery Director

Curtis Anderson

Music Department Chair
Choral Director

Debra Bakland

Independent Piano Teacher

Josh Ballance

Volunteer Dean of Men

Clair Barrutia

Volunteer Dean of Women

Doug Brandt

Independent Guitar Teacher

Judy Castrejon

Science & Math Teacher

Adam Colcord

Information Technology Assistant Director
Esports Coach

Amy Deming


Jami Fleck

Bakery Coordinator

Kyle Gladding

Math Teacher

Stephanie Gladding

Wellness Center Program Coordinator

Holly Haeger

Equestrian Director

Sid Hardy

Chaplain & Bible Teacher

Lorna Hartman

UCAES/Church Secretary

Chelle Hess

Academic Coaching Director

Heidi Hickok

Director Extension Campus

Alice Huggard

Food Service Assistant
Specialty Diets

Ryan Irwin

Athletic Director & PE Teacher

Johnny Kershner

Farm Manager

Rob Knipple

Band & Orchestra Director
Bible Teacher

Chris Kramer

Plant Services Director

Karyl Kramer

Art, French, Home Ec., & Honors English Teacher

Amanda Larson

Spanish & Math Teacher

Bob Lenz

Information Technology Services Director

Matt Maniscalco

Assistant Treasurer

Spencer McConnachie

Music Student Teacher

Ted McConnachie

Food Service Director

Jesse Melendy

Industrial Arts Teacher

Michelle Melendy

Biology & English Teacher
Wellness Center Clinical Director

Kris Phillips

Alumni Director, Yearbook Advisor

Laura Pierce

History Teacher

Kristy Plata

Grades 1-8 Teacher
UCA Elementary School

Derek Riffel

Assistant Food Service Director

Fred Riffel

Bible Teacher & Assistant Chaplain

Rachel Riffel

Spanish & English Teacher

Dani Rivera

Head Dean of Women

Joe Rivera

Assistant Dean of Men

Neriza Sanford

Food Service Supervisor

Jessie Sheese

Assistant Dean of Women

John Spano

History & Bible Teacher
ASB Sponsor

Luke Torquato

Equestrian Coordinator

Karla Whitmore

Administrative Assistant

Cindy Williams

Health Teacher

Grant Williams

Plant Services
Telephone Support